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Judy Sims

Founder: The Expansive Woman Project

I'm a writer, leadership consultant and Board Certified Coach.

In past lives, I was co-founder and CEO of tech start-up Shopcaster, Vice President of Digital Media at the Toronto Star, and Founding publisher of the magazine Weekly Scoop.

You can learn more about me and my coaching services here.

But really, who cares about all that?

What really matters is why I started The Expansive Woman Project.


I began The Expansive Woman Project because time and time again, in my clients (and in the wild), I see women making themselves small. And I'm talking about women who by any definition are enormously competent and successful.

But somehow, inside, they feel (or rather we feel, because God knows, I'm certainly not immune to this kind of thinking), like frauds. We feel we're imposters. We feel we're not enough; no matter how qualified, how talented and how driven we are.

This is bullshit.

And it's time we fixed it. Together.

Because believe it or not, the world needs more of you, not less.


We need you big and expansive, not small and contractive.

It's not about "leaning in" to inauthentic

power structures.

It's about creating

new ones.

It's not about judging or competing with

each other.

It's about supporting the choices we make.

It's not about telling you what kind of woman you should be.

It's about remembering the woman you truly are.

Sound good?

(It's free, and always will be)